“In Indiana University’s Bicentennial year, it is truly fitting that our top-ranked IU Jacobs School of Music Opera and Ballet Theater will stage Richard Wagner’s ‘Parsifal,’ a renowned work that was performed in the earliest years of IU Opera Theater and is part of IU’s glorious tradition of excellence in the arts.”

Indiana University President MICHAEL A. McROBBIE

The Legends Return

Based on the Arthurian knight Parsifal and his quest for the Holy Grail, this Game of Thrones-esque fantasy about redemption is full of magic and miracles, replete with enchanted castles, forests, spears, a magician, and a sorceress.

First performed by IU Jacobs School of Music Opera Theater in 1949, at the IU Auditorium. Last performed by Opera Theater in 1976, at the Musical Arts Center.

Twenty-three epic productions. A 43-year absence. Now, the legends are back. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience this monumental work of more than four hours from the master of epic himself.

Special Packages

We know that such a quest takes sustenance, and we’ve got you covered—with food and both hard and soft beverages. So steel yourselves and prepare to eat, drink, and be merry!

The Parsifal Package  $68
For groups of 10 of more
Center Orchestra Seating
Drink Voucher
Snack Box
Commemorative Tumbler
(Refillable and MAC-auditorium friendly)

To purchase call 812-855-9053

The Wagner Package  $28
Individual ticket or subscription purchased separately
Drink Voucher
Snack Box
Commemorative Tumbler
(Refillable and MAC-auditorium friendly)

Buy Wagner Package

Package sales available until November 3 while supplies last.

 In German with English supertitles.

New production.

Two intermissions, the first is 45 minutes, the second is 20 minutes.

Student seat pricing as low as $5, adult seat pricing as low as $15

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Student Principal Cast

Spencer Boyd, Erste Gralsritter

Steele Fitzwater,  Zweiter Gralsritter

Kayla Eldridge,  Knappe

Thabang Masango, Knappe

Gregory McClelland, Knappe

Jing Zhang, Knappe

Hayley Abramowitz, Blumenmädchen

Tal Heller, Blumenmädchen

Ahyoung Jeong, Blumenmädchen

Virginia Mims, Blumenmädchen

Lauriane Tregan-Marcuz, Blumenmädchen

Mary Catherine Wright, Blumenmädchen

Sonjin Kim, Cover: Titurel

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